Ready to Change your Life?

We have the power to change our lives and create the life we truly want and deserve. I would love to show you around my site and show you everything I have to offer you in order to help you create your future you want and deserve. My name is Jacqui Holland, I was successful in the Entertainment Industry for many years. I acted in many popular sitcoms like Desperate Housewives, Suburgatory, How I Met Your Mother, and Workaholics even acted opposite Kate Hudson in the movie My Best Friend’s Girl. After spending many years in Hollywood, my soul was having trouble handling the lack of authenticity. I had come to realize that the Industry was corrupt, and many people involved had become selfish and manipulative due to the competitive nature. Although I loved acting more then anything, it was not an environment that I wanted to submerge myself in anymore.

Something inside of me wanted to destroy my acting career… I was at a low point in my life and took some acting jobs that weren’t up to my usual standards. I do not regret any of my choices, it was all part of my journey and brought me to where I am today. It was one day that I was half naked covered in blood and freezing that I saw a vision of a hand come down and outstretch itself towards me. I realized it was my own hand. It was at that point that I realized I had the power to change my own life. My true passion has always been Metaphysics, self exploration and helping people. I began studying like crazy, I got my Hypnotherapy certification along with my Master Hypnotherapy certification, Master NLP Practitioner certification, Kundalini Yoga certification along with studying Pranic Healing, Astrology, Psychotherapy, and I am now in the process of finishing my Doctorate in Metaphysics. Through my own programming, I have been able to successfully change my life and I am happier then I have ever been. So, I figured I’d share with you some of the tools that have used to help transform my life. If I was able to reinvent myself into someone that I love and am truly proud of, I know it will work for others as well.

How to Make Positive Changes

We can create the lives we truly wish to live. So many times we get caught in our own negative loops, loops of negative emotions like fear, anger, sadness, and anxiety. By using NLP and timeline therapy we can overcome these negative loops and break old patterns that have been holding us back from what we truly desire. Once these blocks are eliminated a combination of hypnotherapy and guided visualization can be used to manifest the things that we want, such as a long lasting relationship, a healthy body, prosperity and over all abundance in all areas of life. Life is meant to be enjoyed so why not make those changes to truly enjoy yourself in this short time that we’re here on the planet Earth.


Jacqueline spent over a decade being a successful Actress in Hollywood and more recently has found herself on a spiritual path. She practices Hypnotherapy, NLP and is doing her best to help to wake people up and transform the planet.



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